Croydon based Victoria and Chris jetted down to Brighton & Hove to board a flight upon the British Airways i360 to marry in front of family and friends at 450ft above the Sussex coast line.

They married in style above the city; and as the city looked up towards them floating on air and in love, they exchanged vows and rings, and after saying I do, sealed it all with a kiss.

Victoria + Chris

Brighton Wedding

Dance yourself dizzy

Victoria… or was it Monica Geller… or even Jane McDonald? Let’s stick with Victoria for now, looked incredible as I turned up to begin the days photography, starting with the bridal

party prep. In my pursuit of a parking permit I pretty much ignored being introduced to one of the Bridesmaids… Whoops! (It’s faux pas like that, that can make or break a good day’s

photography. Extremely fortunately, this was gone in a moment, and gladly; and Siobhan, quite possibly the loveliest Bridesmaid I’ve ever met, forgave (or forgot) in a moment.

Eva, Victoria’s other Bridesmaid, I must add, was the funniest Bridesmaid I’ve ever met! They made for a great team, as they nursed Victoria through what appeared to be a fairly traumatic

episode of Heartbeat (TV series) that was playing in the background ― on purpose. Someone was getting married seemingly, and this was apparently quite the trauma, as

tears rolled down Victoria’s cheeks while the make-up artist looked on curiously by the challenge ahead of her ― Tears and eye make-up ― Let’s go!

Everything went incredibly smoothly, which wasn’t surprising considering Victoria’s “Monica Geller” attention to detail; and then dad came in. Cue the big reveal… “Yeah, you look lovely!”

he said as he looked back down at his phone, which produced a knowing smile from Victoria, knowing laughs from Siobhan and Eva, and an “Uh?” from the photographer.

So it was all out in the garden for some slightly more formal moments before we all, yes all, climbed into a taxi (The proper London type) and made our way to the i360 on Hove seafront.

Chris had already arrived, met with the Registrar, and was boarding for the flight (That’s what they call them. It is Sponsored by British Airways after all!) as the Bride arrived.

15 minutes later we were all aboard, and about to take off, where Victoria & Chris would marry each other 450ft above Brighton & Hove. It’s definitely the highest wedding I’ve been too.

Following the Ceremony, and the most organised Confetti moment ever (I barely did a thing), Victoria & Chris and I ran off in the direction of the beach for a few shots of just the two of

them. It’s an impressive person who can wear and walk in heels on shingle, and make it look effortless. I struggled with flat shoes and looked like I was fighting quick-sand myself!

While we were busy, Victoria & Chris’ guests had all piled onto a classic old double-decker bus, which once the Bride & Groom joined them, trundled off to Coooksbridge. Trundled was

definitely the right word here ― The bus had two gears, ‘slow’ and ‘uphill’. And I haven’t smelt a gearbox that unhappy for quite some years! But the driver was absolutely brilliant, especially

when we pulled over to allow everyone to disembark, not being phased in the slightest by some other road users who may have been temporarily inconvenienced. “Smile and wave, smile

and wave!” And just as we did… the clouds above felt it was their time to shine, and sprinkled down upon the wedding party a little light… well, I’m not quite sure what it was. It looked like

rain, fell like hail, appeared to be sleet, but was soft as cotton and didn’t make anyone wet. Odd, but marvellous too! Perhaps it was Cloud Confetti!

I don’t believe the catering was put on with me in mind, but Fish & Chips for the Wedding Breakfast? …Oh abso-flippin-lutely!

Once all were fed well, and watered rather marvellously too, by the Gin Table… There were the important traditions to be upheld, such as the speeches, the cutting of the cake, and of

course, the most important of all wedding day traditions… The Bride & Groom on the Zip-Wire. Yes, you did read that correctly! They had informed me about its presence previously, but

I wasn’t sure they would actually do it. They did!

It was then all back in the venue, as someone (The Bride) overheard a little “Dancing Queen”… and my draw failed utterly compared to that of the one and only Abba. That was when

the dancing began… and pretty much stayed until the end of the day, only occasionally disappearing as Victoria herself swapped out an old bit of disco for some Jane McDonald. Yep!

Victoria is Jane’s Number One fan apparently… much to the surprise of Jane’s ‘other’ Number One fan, my assistant for the day, who also happened to be called Victoria.

Following some extremely organised tidying up, it was all back on board the clutch challenged bus, for the trundle back to Brighton. The race was on to find Victoria a photo moment she

wanted, next to Beach huts in Hove, before the Sun went down and the cold came out. We just beat the Sun… We didn’t beat the cold; and we all jumped in an Uber, and made our way

to The Grand, their destination for the night, where we snuck a few more photos, to finish off their story nicely… complete from beginning to end. I may have gotten a little carried away

photographically however, when much to my delight and his, Chris informed me they had an incredible Balcony in their room, and was there anything I wanted to try photo-wise with it.

Errr… yes please!!! I spent longer in there than we’d spent on the beach earlier; before realising this was the end of their ‘Wedding Day’, and it was time for me to… go!

Incredible day for Victoria & Chris and all who witnessed it with them. Finally though, when they read this, I can now admit (chuckles to self) to my fear of heights. But they were such a

lovely and gorgeous couple when I met them, I couldn’t resist fibbing a little and temporarily overcoming my fear, to capture their wedding for them.

Thanks you two, that was an amazing day!


“A photographer must possess and retain the receptive faculties of a child who watches the world for the first time.” ― Bill Brandt

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