You need someone who cares — a photographer you can trust to capture your day beautifully and authentically

A creative — with an eye for seeing all of those little details and timeless moments

Hours of couple portraits — Nope, nada, no, not my style

It’s your day — Your dress, your shoes, all your incredible little details, they’re your memories!

Laughing, crying, dancing — and everything in between

You just be you, and I’ll be me

Hi, I’m Tim; a love junkie, day dreamer, adventure seeker, prolific music downloader, dog lover, exercise bike rider (Sometimes), photo taker and a bit of a techie. I work out of

Worthing and am currently calling Rustington (Friends call it Littlehampton ― Local joke) home with my growing stockpile of Lego and my soppy record collection. When I’m

not out photographing weddings, you’ll usually find me underneath a pair of headphones somewhere (like now, as I write this), enjoying, what I call at least, some great music.

My journey into wedding photography wasn’t straight forward. I fell in love with photos at a young age, thanks to my father, and began taking them when I was 8. I loved taking photos of

travels around Europe, our fierce black cat, and soaking up any moment that meant something to me. I did take the long way around though, with jobs like; Surveillance Officer and Train

Driver (Choo choo! It’s more “Honk!” now). However, after a chance encounter on a staircase with an actual photographer, it gave me the kick up the butt I needed, to do what I love.

I love how photography can freeze moments and emotions in time. It’s something no other format can do as well. A photo begins an adventure; If you were there when it was taken, the

moment floods back. If you weren’t… your imagination and emotions do the rest; the photo creating a starting point to all kinds of amazing emotional pictures in your mind.

Anyway… Before I can’t stop, let’s focus on your day.

My photography style I describe as “organic”, unscripted if that helps further. I tell the story of your day as it happens, so that it is an honest reflection of your wedding day memories.

How I work with you however, is not unscripted ― It is “On Purpose”. What this means is, from the very first contact we have with one another, up to and including your wedding day,

I am nurturing and developing a relationship between us, finding out what you really want from your photography, not what you think you want or what someone else told you that

you want, and striving to get us all in a place where I simply become Tim, rather than the photographer. Your day is incredibly special to you, and a lot of hard work and emotion

would have been put into it, and I want to respect and reflect that in both how I am with you and the story of your day that I tell.

But that’s probably quite enough from me…

I’d love the opportunity to chat with you about your big day; So when you’ve finished looking around my site, why not get in touch. We can do a phone “Hello”,

and then we can meet at a cool, or uncool cafe you know, and we can have a chin-wag over a mug of beer, a glass of tea, or a slab of cake.



“A photographer must possess and retain the receptive faculties of a child who watches the world for the first time.” ― Bill Brandt

Tim ― Me

A nice chap with cameras

Wedding Photo Taker    Problem Solver   Experimenter    Thrill Seeker    Bad Dancer    Over-talker    Gentle Kisser    Passport Mis-placer    Late Night Philosophiser

People Watcher    Daydreamer    Ikea Shopper    Pizza Eater    Lego Collector    Pun-master    Music Lover    Ex-Train Driver    Red Wine Glass Spiller    & Storyteller

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