A very Brighton wedding

Without doubt, Tamara & Chris’s day possessed the darkest places I’ve ever photographed! (in daytime). Their Ceremony was in a fantastic and historic cinema, cinemas not tending to be

known for their abundance of windows, or just any light in general really; and their reception was in what was effectively… a nightclub. I had to get creative, and instead of being worried

about the lack of light, I had to embrace it. Tamara & Chris’s wedding, with the dark, has provided me with, personally, some of my favourite wedding photos. Always embrace a challenge!

Always a chance for some great photos, as the friends and families arrive for the day. They’re still smart, sober and excited at this point… The ties haven’t been loosened, or the heels

removed, and the palate hasn’t been lubricated yet… unless… there is a pub right across the road that is! :-) All of the guests at their wedding were so happy to be there and couldn’t wait

for the day to begin and celebrate with Tamara & Chris… including Miss Brighton! Chris arrived as if from nowhere - Mr Benn shopkeeper-stylee. When I met Chris for the first time, he

had a camera shyness; But he was really brilliant on the day from the very start. No coaxing required at all - It can be harder to be natural and relaxed in front of a camera than to pose,

He was brilliant! Fairly certain there may have been a little beer-braveness in there though!

Doing her best to hide the nerves… and failing… Well, why bother? It’s one of the best days of your life! Tamara surprised me, and appeared from almost nowhere too!  (How!?)

With Tamara being maybe (sorry) just a squiggy bit late, I was only allowed to steal her for a few minutes for some photos before having to concede and allow her to get married.

Lovely sparkly shoes bytheway! …And no, I don’t have the shoe fetish Chris suggested I might. I’ve got a bit of a thing for photos in mirrors though thinking about it!

My overriding memory from Tamara & Chris’s ceremony… (No, not my bumbling about tripping over things in the dark) …will be suggesting they kiss for a photo. I got the shot I wanted,

and another for good measure. I then took a few more, and another couple… and then just lowered the camera. Had they not seen each other in 3 weeks? Was this a “Don’t tell the Bride”

I hadn’t been told about? So I trotted off, got some lunch, saw a show, rode the i360, and when I got back, they were just finishing. Sweet! Then they had another kiss! :-) I must say, it was

a charming little ceremony; Performed I might add by probably the best Registrar in Brighton - who just happened to be one of their friends - Very personal and genuine. Then it was time

for the most organised confetti moment… EVER! For fear of sounding moochy; Guests sometimes don’t appreciate how 100 people throwing paper (that doesn’t fly well), and in the

breeze, is going to land on the bride and groom - so we help! No help needed here! …all perfectly lined up. They had to have practiced this, surely. Amazing moment… Fab-u-lous!

With Chris being a bus driver, what else was going to transport the guests to the ceremony? Photos were limited during the journey - 77 “official” passengers - No further comment there.

All I will say… “Brighton Speed bumps” …Eek! The bus provided for some lovely moments though, when we’d evicted all the guests - Once they caught sight of the bar they were gone

anyway! And yes, I did suggest the kiss, again. And no, I clearly don’t learn particularly quickly :-) So with the guests busy fuelling themselves for the speeches, dancing and whatever else

it is guests get up to when I leave (I hear the stories after!), we strolled off down to the Prom for a few last light moments. It was also a great opportunity for Tamara & Chris to steal a

smoke and take a breather… Oh, and have another kiss. Who’d have thought! :-) It really was the perfect mix of golden sun, blue sky, fluffy clouds and sea - Oh, and a breeze that wanted

to take you with it! We had some fun, and got some incredible shots of the two of them. I even managed to get in one. Sweet!

It’s rare to be able to stage a cake shot which doesn’t require the movement and standing of all your guests - At this point in the day, any left over standing juice is reserved for drinks

ordering and when someone suggests a dance - which seems like a good idea, until you remember… you can’t! …and then you remember you’re at a wedding, you’ve had a few… planning

on a few more! and everyone else is. So off you go! But not before the Bride & Groom cut a little bit of cake and have a ceremonial munch, or force each other to!

One of the most classic first dances I’ve photographed - Smooth, gentle, relaxed, and just a couple in a bubble in their own moment, which is almost exactly what I tell grooms it is, when

I get the nervous looks from them when asking about their first dance. Honestly, most couples forget all the guests are there - It’s just the two of you together, under lights and moving or

shuffling at least to the music - It can be one of the most beautiful parts of the day.

Tamara & Chris - Top day! Top… day!

When I meet a couple, usually a couple of times before their day; It’s a chance to get to know them. I get to reflect their personalities better that way. Chris was quiet as a mouse, and

Tamara full of… questions. Come the day, Chris was the soul of the party, and Tamara, a sweet little kitchen, smiling and purring. It definitely helps having an organic approach!

Tamara + Chris

Brighton Wedding


“A photographer must possess and retain the receptive faculties of a child who watches the world for the first time.” ― Bill Brandt

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