Do you have any Vans for the rest of your life?

I arrived at Blackstock with threatening clouds amassing above, and as per my way, I told them to “Go do one!” I then made my way to see Andy, only to discover he was running late…

“That’s the Bride’s prerogative, not yours!” Being assured he would make it to the… Estate on time (No church here), I made my way to begin the Bridal Preparation photography, and

happily as I did so, I could see the skies clearing. Clearly you just need to be a little grumpy with clouds, much like a photographer with a distaste for getting up early! :-)

I clicked away as Liv was weddingified (Yes, I have just made that word up), through her make-up and hair transformation, into her stunning dress, and also into one of the most

Important parts of her day… her Vans… her very first Vans that her Nan had bought for her, which for Liv were to be her bridal shoes for the day. Something old - tick!

The light streaming through and the mirrors provided for some lovely moments to capture, as Liv and her Bridesmaids prepared for the now fast approaching Ceremony. All that was

left, was for Dad to come see his little girl all dressed up and ready, and he was proud; Who could not have been?… Liv looked incredible! Incredible, and in those Vans… short! (Don’t

worry, she knows), and I mention this with good reason - Liv is the shortest Bride I’ve ever photographed. And Andy, her Groom, is the tallest Groom I’ve ever photographed.

The two of them had a gorgeous ceremony in the beamed Tutor Barn at Blackstock; and some of those beams are in places… low, as my head discovered not once but twice during the

ceremony. Fortunately no one noticed my whimpers. Andy did look a little on the nervous side just prior to the ceremony, with groomsmen keeping an eye, looking for signs of fainting

I believe. Fortunately this didn’t happen, and he went on to relax and marry his girl Liv. And right at the end, when it was formally announced, he finally let himself smile. Good man!

They toasted and were congratulated and could take a small breather too, when I stole them away for the couple photographs. I don’t think they quite knew what to expect, but

I have a very relaxed approach to formals (Couple photos), where with a little light direction and interaction, I allow a couple to settle in a moment and evolve as a couple, as who they

are together, as I always find this provides moments that are far more natural and relaxed and better represents who they are. You don’t really want to be staring down the barrel of

a lens after all… You want to be looking straight at this incredible person who likes you enough to have actually gone ahead and married you. I mean, that’s pretty amazing!

It was then back inside the venue, where they could be congratulated again and again and again, while I roamed around seeking out moments, looking like a friendly Dalek, with my

big lens out (Yes, I heard it as I wrote it!), before the Wedding Breakfast was served, and the nerves once again made an appearance, as the unknown material of the fast approaching

speeches beckoned. They both got away relatively unscathed, and before anyone could think of something Andy didn’t want to remember, he made a poor excuse about needing the

boys room and legged it. Oddly, of course, he only actually got as far as the bar!

There was plenty of time for more couple photos outside, as the sun was setting… It was a bit chilly by this point however, with Bride Liv, almost becoming an Ice Statue for her own

wedding. Then it was time for the lights to go down, the music to go up, and for Liv & Andy to do their thing on the dance floor. And of course, I know I Know, it was beautiful! And with

a tradition I don’t always witness, the Bride then danced with her dad, which is always a tear-inducing moment for all, and a great capture too.

Liv & Andy… I loved your day, and you so were good with the photos. Thank you Thank you Thank you for allowing me the very great honour of capturing it all for you.

The threats of rain subsided to give the adorable Liv (Olivia) & Andy a fantastic day to remember on the beautiful Blackstock Country Estate. All we needed to achieve first however, was

get rid of a few of Andy’s nerves. Once his Liv arrived though… they were gone forever. It was a gorgeous day full of gorgeous moments, and hopefully a gorgeous photo or 700.

Olivia + Andy

Hellingly Wedding


“A photographer must possess and retain the receptive faculties of a child who watches the world for the first time.” ― Bill Brandt

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