London Baby

If I was looking for the perfect start, it came; Naomi’s day began at the wonderfully restored Alexander Pope -  Just walking distance from Twickenham, on the banks of the Thames, in

Strawberry Hill. This was Bridal Squad territory! …plus a photographer. Now, maybe this wasn’t the lightest venue I’d ever worked at (It wasn’t the darkest!). But with lamps and mirrors

everywhere, it made for some gorgeous shots. It also helped that everyone in the room (with the possible exception of the photographer) was stunning!

(Sorry James -  You know I love you!)… Some Grooms can be a little… let’s go with ‘nervous’ in front of the camera. Another word would be “stiff”, but we won’t use

that One. James was as great to work with as Naomi. The smiles were natural and he had plenty of ideas for photos. They had chosen a beautiful church tucked away

in East Sheen within Richmond on Thames - The same church James’ parents had married in, making a special day even more personal. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

It’s a feeling hard to put into words, the excitement, the anticipation, the joy, when the Vicar leaves the church to greet a bride as she completes her journey to the

church. Naomi arrived as excited and relaxed as she had been during the morning preparations - rare and beautiful. The happiness beaming from her face was infectious

and incredible, and somehow made even better, if unexpected by the photographer, as James met her at the church entrance and they walked the aisle as one.

Now, should you be a fan of beautiful churches, you might want to add this one to your list and pay it a visit! Sightseeing aside… I saw something here that I don’t see too

often. I’m used to tears, I’m used to laughter, sometimes not in the planned places, and I’m used to seeing nerves. As a wedding photographer you see a lot of nerves! For Naomi

and James however, there wasn’t a nerve in sight. They were so calm, and achingly tender with and devoted to one another. If there was a chance to hold hands, they took it. A

chance to kiss, they did. I have literally never seen a couple so at peace with one another. It was the most beautiful ceremony I have ever seen, let alone photographed.

The guests all played their parts perfectly, and patiently as the skies flirted with a few spots, before Naomi & James, the new Mr & Mrs exited the church under a cloud of colourful and

floating confetti. I do love watching the faces of brides and grooms as the confetti showers down upon them; You see everything from fear to just pure joy and giggles. It’s a funny old

tradition really, but such a brilliant one.

We excused ourselves and ventured off for a few moments to grab the couple shots. Naomi and James were up for anything I suggested, also having great ideas of their own. Biggest tip

for this moment if you’re worried about it… Just do what these two did… be in love! With parts being open to the public we had to be patient; but it was worth it, and also gave them those

few moments away from all the celebrations that a couple needs - an emotional refuelling perhaps.

Held in the grounds of the awesome and stunning Richmond Park; at Pembroke Lodge Naomi and James had the perfect setting for their reception. There had been a slight flirt with rain

as the guests left the church; but once the beer and the bubbles came out, so did the sun. And it stayed with us until it drew its last breath for the day… at which point it was replaced by the

breath and nervous excitement of the best man’s speech. (No need to be nervous. It was great!) …As was the food, the drink, and the hosting at Pembroke, faultless and superb!

With the DJ having been driving around Richmond looking for the gate to Pembroke that was still open, this gave me a little more time with Naomi and James. So we trotted off about

the venue looking for quiet corners for a few more photos of the two of them together. I really could photograph these two every day. Relaxed, willing, and in love. I could never ask for

more. The only downside… when the DJ eventually turned up, I had to give them back.

This was an incredibly gentle and intimate first dance, which rounded off a beautiful day for Naomi and James and all of their friends and family. Then came the time for the DJ to force

up the price of his seemingly many many shares in ear-plugs-r-us.com (Loud!) :-) Before I finish, I have to say; When I visited Naomi & James to hand over the photos, I was just so happy

at how much and how visibly these two are so much in love… OMG, it’s beautiful, and what true love really is meant to be. If the whole world was like these two… imagine.

There are some real perks to this job, like being around couples like Naomi & James and seeing the incredible love they have for one another. From start to finish this wedding was

overflowing with love, life and laughter; celebrating the old and the new; and being utterly perfect for one another. I will honestly treasure the time I got to spend with them forever!

Naomi + James

Richmond Wedding


“A photographer must possess and retain the receptive faculties of a child who watches the world for the first time.” ― Bill Brandt

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