Pangdean & Prosecco

Nicole surprised Joelle, booking her into a hotel for a little pampering and for her getting ready in the morning. The room was full to bursting with Mum, Dad, bridesmaids,

Prosecco (a lot!), love and laughter, and a photographer too somewhere. I snapped away watching Joelle’s transformation from “Can I go back to bed?” to “Stunning bride”; while

also observing an impressively calm Joelle… well, to begin; I could see the excitement, the anticipation, and the nerves start to show as the ceremony drew closer.

When you see the beautiful grounds, the gorgeous old house, and you take a walk inside the barn… Yep, that’ll do nicely! Nicole arrived having been to the shop where they

sell ‘Nerves’, and had bought extra, just in case. She was shaking. Bless her! It’s a truly beautiful thing to see though, the emotion, the anticipation, seeing how much a wedding and

a marriage in front of all of the family and friends can mean to people. It’s a really powerful thing to witness, and I am always honoured and humbled to be invited to do so.

Joelle arrived in a cloud of Bentley beauty. But there was no way she was missing out on this fun sitting in the back. Joelle rode up front… Honestly, she’d have probably even preferred

to drive the thing. To be honest, wouldn’t we all have! …as long as it was someone else’s insurance, obviously. When Joelle arrived she was beaming from ear to ear anticipating what was

about to take place… Marrying the love of her life.

Joelle and Nicole’s ceremony had it all! We had the obligatory smiles and laughter, some tears (Happy ones), and we had some gorgeous weather… even if Mrs Weather was feeling a

little undecided, as she kept asking if we’d all like a few rain drops too. Very considerate of her! Pangdean were well prepared, dishing out brollies with speed and efficiency. One of my

favourite moments, and for a few of the guests also, was the rings. Lovingly together on a necklace that was a gift for daughter Sydney. Necklaces can however, especially when inside

a box, decide to tie themselves in knots. This is a clever thing indeed for a necklace. And they’re very good at it.

Always a favourite moment for newlyweds, guests, and the photographer… the confetti after. Joelle and Nicole had opted for rice instead of the traditional paper. However, unlike paper

or petals, when multiple large handful of rice are propelled towards one’s face… yep, you feel it. They felt it! Especially Nicole. Despite finding little reminders all throughout the rest of

their day, they did inform me, it was still being found long long after the wedding.

I love stealing away a couple just after the ceremony, confetti and congratulations. Not only is the emotion still overflowing from what they have just done, it also gives a couple a

few moments of breathing space to take it all in, away from guests thrusting endless glasses of bubbles and kisses their way. Joelle and Nicole were just themselves, with no awkward

Chandler Bing reactions to the camera. That’s all a photographer can ever ask for

Following some raindrop dodging group and couple shots and a quite superb meal, the beers and the bubbles were raised time and time again as toast after toast complimented

some near the knuckle, yet heartfelt and highly amusing speeches. You do see the look of fear creep across a few faces as the speeches appear over the horizon; Often it turns out

with good cause! :-) The guests were then free to mingling a little, fuelling up for the evening’s celebrations to come, but not before of course, a bit of cake cutting.

There’s a classic British awkwardness to the time in between the speeches and the first dance. Not having something to listen to, somewhere to be, or a queue to stand in, makes the

average wedding guest not quite know what to do with themselves. So what do they do? Have a smoke, consume bubbles, and occasionally throw it all over themselves. Never worry about

this though, as soon they’ll be turning the lights down, and you’ll be expected to do something even more embarrassing… dance. Best throw another drink down you, just not literally!

The 1st dance - The fear I hear when discussing this with couples prior to the day… Bless. These two though, and with two wedding dresses on the floor instead of one… Gorgeous!,

were so calm and relaxed and just beautiful together. You can always see, if you’re looking, the dynamics of a relationship during a first dance. There is enough tiredness and bubbles

in the system by this point to show who you really are as a couple; And Joelle & Nicole… They really, really REALLY are in love!

These two made me laugh! How do two people have so many worries about being photographed, yet photograph so well? (You are gorgeous!). Joelle & Nicole shared a beautiful outside

ceremony, with all there, enjoying (I don’t know how much!) Prosecco, and woke the next day aching from all the smiles, laughter and a LOT of dancing. All that’s left to say… Bear with!

Joelle + Nicole

Brighton Wedding


“A photographer must possess and retain the receptive faculties of a child who watches the world for the first time.” ― Bill Brandt

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