When one reception venue just isn’t enough!

The day began with the sun beating down on the church, but with fortunately, a decent enough breeze blowing through, as I rocked up to find a slightly (“very” is a better word here!)

nervous Groom not entirely knowing what to do with himself. So I dragged Rory off for a few photos of just him, where I managed to distract him, for all of maybe about 10 minutes. But

it wasn’t long before the church bells began to chime and he was needed inside; Not before that last nervous pee was had though! And then the gorgeous Hannah arrived in a fantastic

VW Camper, complete with stove and curtains… Authentic! I love that!, and she looked absolutely incredible! It is such an honour to get to photograph people at their happiest, on one

of the most emotional days of their lives! And when they’re showing it too, like Hannah was… If anyone ever tells you that magic isn’t real? This is magic, right here, in these moments.

Between the bright and very warm sunshine outside, and the somewhat more subtle illumination of a traditional English church, my fingers danced across camera settings like Michael

Flatley on ten cans of Redbull too many. Occasionally this brightness from outside shot a fine shard of light through a window landing dead centre on a guest and delivering a beautiful

moment for Hannah & Rory’s wedding day photos. But it wasn’t long before we were once again thrust beneath the beating sun, as Hannah & Rory, now husband and wife made their

way out into the outside World, being showered by the contents of randomly fired confetti cannons. In a few moments a couple can go from Hannah & Rory, to husband and wife… to

blinded and coated head to toe in tiny sparkly bits of paper. Weddings are funny old things when you think about them too hard!

With the first of the two reception venues just a walk away (Yes, two! Why have one, when you can have two?), we all strolled through the streets of Shoreham to the applause and

congratulations of onlookers, and the occasional “Honk” of a car horn, the now traditional acknowledgement… a hearty well done, for just having married the love of your life.

Hannah was the last to get a drink at her own reception… Some blamed the photographer for borrowing her. I wouldn’t dare suggest such a thing myself! But I got her in there eventually,

where the drink flowed, the food disappeared, and the speeches were… well, they were honest! Who knew a bit of lite ‘stalking’ leads to love? It does! I love those speeches that produce

the kind of uncontrollable deep laughs people can do nothing but forget themselves and go with… Either those or the ones that make you gasp aloud. These were those speeches!

This moment being finished off beautifully with the tender words of a handwritten poem, which Hannah read aloud to Rory across the floor, bringing tears and both such a deep look

of admiration to Rory’s face, and also one of slight surprise, when Hannah admitted to just having borrowed it from some book.

Then it was all aboard a classic open topped double-decker bus for the transfer from reception venue 1 to reception venue 2, swapping the riverside of Shoreham for the seaside of

Worthing; Hannah and Rory opting to travel in comfort and charm and maybe privacy too for a few moments to themselves, in the VW Camper, rather than slumming it with the riff-raff

that was all their friends and family and the photographer. But we didn’t mind… Perhaps the smuggled on drinks helped a little with that!

While the band set up and the second lot of food was served… (No one was going home from this wedding hungry!), we made the most of an almost Miami-like lighting, which made for

some spectacularly lit group shots; and we played around with those group shots too, to take the formal out of… well, the formals. I love trying to get the real feel, the essence of a family

or a friends group dynamic in those moments… not just a lineup of people staring uncomfortably into the camera. Perhaps a few glasses full of things with bubbles in helped too.

Then it was the part of the day the Groom was looking forward to the… least - The first dance! If you are a going to be a Groom, and this is you; Perhaps consider it just this way:

It is 3 minutes where you get a time out from all those around you, during one of the most in-demand days you’ll ever have, and all you need to do, is stand in the arms of the one

you love while your favourite song plays (Or the song you settled on, because the one that you really both love is far too embarrassing to play in front of people you know). Or

failing that view of the moment… No one is really looking at you anyway, they are all looking at the bride (Ahhhhh!), or the time, to see how much of the song they reckon is left,

before they can return to the bar. Well, everyone except the bridesmaid that is!

Hannah & Rory… Your day was simply a-mazing, and with TWO reception venues, like no other I’ve photographed before or since! And if you ever fancy repeating it all, just because,

just let me know and I’ll be there. I may however decide that wearing brand new un-broken in shoes to an all day wedding, will perhaps, NEVER happen again!!!

Hannah & Rory’s day was almost entirely planned my Hannah’s mum, and fantastic and very Harrah & Rory it was too, with the two of them jetting in from Spain with just weeks to spare.

Throw in Shoreham’s best looking church, a waterside yacht club, and an almost Miami-light lit Coast des Artists in the evening… An incredible day for a loved up and incredible couple!

Hannah + Rory

Shoreham by Sea Wedding


“A photographer must possess and retain the receptive faculties of a child who watches the world for the first time.” ― Bill Brandt

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