It’s a kind of magic

Extremely fortunately we had a pretty good day for this wedding. I say fortunately, because Georgia came all the way from Worthing to Pulborough… in an open topped car! Whereas

Dougie, was already at the venue when I arrived, so I borrowed him, along with his Groomsmen, and we went and took a few shots. Moments later we had to bundle Dougie back inside

the venue, as Georgia arrived, at which point I lost temporary interest in photographing the groom (Sorry Dougie), as Georgia looked absolutely incredible and 100% camera ready. The

bride took a few moments to compose herself and also make sure everything was where it was supposed to me… hair, make-up, jewellery, smile… The last was coming and going though,

as the nerves made their grand entrance. But I love seeing the nerves… the honesty of what it all means cannot be held back, and it produces real moments to capture.

For the size of Ceremony room, and it wasn’t tiny, Georgia & Dougie had rather enthusiastically sent out the invites, leaving me having to carefully choose my spot for each moment

of the proceedings. I’ll never forget Dougie’s reaction though when he saw his Bride… that was lovely. And despite his turning away, thanks to a huge mirror at the head of the room,

Georgia and all of the guests could see it too. It was a lovely ceremony, and you got to see the nerves in both of them slowly ebb away throughout it.

As per tradition… The Bride & Groom left first, followed by all their family and friends, to then have to go back inside again, so that they could - come back out again, for the Confetti.

Then it was on to celebrating the day the right way, with a drink of two and all of your nearest and dearest. We were accompanied however… An incredible singer, and an incredible

Magician; who spent all his time leaving mouths dropped and eyes staring in wonder at what they had just seen or not seen. Even looking back through some fast-burst photos (7 per

second), I still couldn’t work out how he’d done what he did. It made for a great atmosphere and got people talking.

I then whisked the Bride & Groom away, for their couple photos, and what better backdrop… than a farm! But I think I managed to disguise that - I actually wanted to use parts of

it - the materials and the colours. I witnessed something in this moment, I have to confess to never having come across during a wedding before, and I do hope it isn’t minded if I share

it - mostly because I’m not sure to this day whether they were just playing with me or not. Occasionally, during couple photos, us photographers might jump in and suggest a “kiss” (I know,

slightly voyeuristic of us!). Often a couple will kiss really quickly, a peck… leaving us having to sometimes suggest “and another kiss?”. And sometimes when you suggest a kiss, it can feel a

little, well, awkward?… as it turns into a “Get a room!” Moment. However, when I suggested this to Georgia & Dougie, Dougie promptly turned and informed me, “She doesn’t like it when I

kiss her!” One Bride said of me, “Tim is unflappable!”. I am… but this moment did leave me not entirely sure where to look, what to say, or where to put the camera.

The celebrations continued and the Reception proper got started, bringing with it another expression from Dougie’s face, as Georgia’s mum stood to make a speech. What on earth

could she know to produce such a look on his face? I’ve seen this face a few times… Fortunately for the Grooms, the reason for the fear has never been revealed. All went lovely and

smoothly, and there were “ahh”’s in all the right places.

As the sun began to set outside and the evening guests began to arrive, the band had set up, and following the cutting of the cake… the dance floor opened for the night… Georgia &

Dougie’s turn first though! And they did an amazing job… It clearly looked like they love a dance floor. But they stayed on the floor well into the night, unlike some, who peg it the minute

their song is over. We got full on twerking from the Bride and Dougie reenacting the Rave scene of the 90’s… or that’s what it looked like to me anywhere.

Great movers… Great day… Great couple… Thank you for allowing me to share it with you and capture it for you.

Georgia arrived in Bentley style, on a day that the early Autumn had borrowed from Summer to find an incredibly dapper Dougie in his tweet suit… This was one sharp

dressed man, and a good job too, as Georgia looked stunning in white.

Georgia + Dougie

Pulborough Wedding


“A photographer must possess and retain the receptive faculties of a child who watches the world for the first time.” ― Bill Brandt

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