Love, Looks & Longing

Erin and her Best Women looked stunning as I arrived to capture the finishing touches to their preparations. Despite a couple of minor issues, like the dress breaking - I know!

All remained calm and laughing, and with a little thread and a needle, sorted. With (he counts) 8 bodies; 4 best women, a bride, a bride’s mum, one of the best women’s partners

and a photographer - “Hi!”, it made for a busy room. But that also meant it was packed with love, laughter and banter. The only thing missing was an Oleg.

When I met Oleg for the first time, I quickly discovered he was pretty good behind a camera. Well, he’s pretty good being in front of one too! Accompanied by his best men, Oleg, in

traditional Groom pre-ceremony style (i.e. not concerned in the least by the upcoming event), was the perfect photographic subject for a few shots before the purpose of the day came

upon us. “Just be yourself” is what photographers love. Oleg was absolutely himself… perfect!

Erin was ready! Dress (repaired) and on. Last of the Prosecco downed for good measure. And flip-flops donned… Maybe an unusual choice of footwear for your ceremony; but

negotiating stairs in them appears a lot easier than a 5 inch pair of Manolo Blahnick’s. You can love your other half with all that you are, and even have been together for years; when

the preparation fun is over though and you’re making your way to the ceremony… it’s first date nerves all over again. It’s very exposing. But also incredibly beautiful to witness.

Having married at Brighton Town Hall the day before, Erin’s father carried out a Humanist Blessing for them in front of all their family and friends. Chatting to Erin’s father,

I discovered this was the first time he had done this. You wouldn’t have known. I’ve seen seasoned registrars much less relaxed and competent. #Wellimpressed. The Blessing was

personal, gentle and beautiful. And going so very smoothly, until signatures were required from Erin and Oleg. Upon which we discovered… no one had a pen, literally! The best man

eventually tracked one down, I believe from the kitchen, to applause from all :-) The only thing left to do now was kiss, and they did! …and did …and did …and…

Being perfect hosts, Erin and Oleg thanked each and every guest before walking through them all, resulting in around 40 individual confetti moments. Some floated their handful

gently down upon the couple. Others took a more creative approach. I hope the confetti tasted good! Did you know, that the tradition began in Italy to bestow prosperity and fertility

upon a couple? Originally guests threw flowers, petals, grain or rice, and sometimes even sweets… Hopefully not boiled ones!

I stole Erin & Oleg away from their guests for a few moments before the Pimms flowed, as did the congratulations just prior to the Reception dinner, as everyone met up properly

(formalities completed) for the first time that day. It’s always a great time for some “mingling” photos, as people are extra expressive during this time. I’m not sure why. I have theories…

One involves seeing one another for the first time in ages. The other theory revolves around the presence of a bar!

Always a favourite for guests, not always for grooms however - The speeches. The men assisted Oleg ably in not being allowed to relax beside new wife Erin, as many dodgy memories

emerged from awkward places. Erin was fair game also, from a careful and brilliant Best Woman’s speech full of mis-direction and tear inducing laughter. Oleg did steal the moment

however, with a rendition of Michael Jackson’s Liberian Girl. One I’d not heard before. I’m never going to be able to listen to that song quite the same ever again. I fear no one else there

will either. Thanks Oleg! :-)

When there is still a little natural light left before the first dance comes around… It would be rude not to use it all up. It’s a perfect opportunity also to stretch the legs after all of the

food, laughter, and possible indigestion, for some at least, who may have featured in a speech or two. This is the most relaxed part of a wedding day. In my mind at least, think; “Just

after Christmas Dinner”… Everyone needs a moment, or two, before you’re needed to dance the night away with the new Mr and Mrs. Gaviscon anyone?

This can be THE hardest part of the day photographically - It’s a light thing. But can also be one of the most fun! I absolutely LOVE watching people dance, especially at weddings, and

the less skilled the participant, the better. It’s just great watching people let their hair down. I should probably add, that good moving is great to see too. As that’s what we got here…

Some “cool movers” (That made me sound like an old man :-( didn’t it!). I’d have joined them too had it not been for the impossibly loud DJ. Yep, an old man! :-)

“Relaxed” and “stylish” - two words that perfectly describe Erin and Oleg’s day. They were uber chic and achingly cool throughout it all. The smiles and laughter from these two didn’t

stop for a moment, nor the affection they showed one another which was beautiful to witness and capture. Did I enjoy their day? …1,000,000% I did!

Erin + Oleg

Arundel Wedding


“A photographer must possess and retain the receptive faculties of a child who watches the world for the first time.” ― Bill Brandt

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