I S  E V E R Y T H I N G

“There is no such thing…

…as too much detail.”

The Details

When it comes to your wedding day and especially your photography, detail really is everything.

Your wedding will be beautiful, and so it deserves to be shown off for the world to see; and it also needs to be true, so that throughout the

years and those of your children, your photos remain honest and timeless and you feel as if you are reliving the day every time you look through them.

I specialise in natural, candid, and true to you and your day wedding photography; whether large or small, castle or garden, summer or winter, home or abroad ― The size, location,

season or country is amazing and of course adds to the story ― your story; but what really matters is capturing the beauty and individuality of your day, your reactions and emotions, and those

of your guests too ― it’s all of those incredible memories and moments… the details.

And so here are my details




I hope it’s helpful to provide you with information on my process from the initial contact, all the way through to the delivery of your wedding photos.

Making a booking is simple, and I’m available throughout the whole process to answer questions, provide advice, and make recommendations

should you need them, on venues, caterers, makeup artists, décor companies, and whether photos-booths are a good idea or not.


My Process

Travel (excluding accommodation) within 75 miles round trip is included

Pre-wedding or Engagement photo shoot ― from £300

Second photographer ― £300



(Frequently asked)

Booking a great wedding photographer should not be hard. You’ll probably have a few questions however; so I have compiled a list of questions that

I’ve been asked quite often. Should you not find your answer here however, please do contact me with your question or even your list of questions.

F A Q s  ►




You browse the website, view lots of my work and scroll through some reviews ― past couple’s words are better than mine. Plus you check out my social media

pages, getting excited about what you see ― Superb! I receive your enquiry about your day (usually via my contact form) ― although email, phone, Facebook and

the rest are all good too. I see if I’m available, and if I am, I straighten my tie, clear my throat, do a little dance, and then email you back with the good news.


We have a chat over the phone where you get to ask any initial questions you may have ― and if all is good, we do the meet/chat thing, starting with the obligatory

and awkward: “What do we do: hug, handshake, help!?” moment (a handshake is cool). I love meeting my couples before booking. If you’re in a Galaxy far far

away ― we can Skype. Either way, you get to see who I really am, and get the opportunity to grill me. I then go, leaving you so you can chat ― just the two of

you, where you (obviously) decide to book. You send me back the booking form and the deposit, and then we all relax, and look forward to your amazing day!


We meet up for a pre-wedding shoot (if having one). This usually takes place 6 weeks before your wedding day and lasts approximately

1 hour in a location of your choice. We have a bumble about, get to know each other better, and have some fun capturing some lovely images

in the process. You get to see how I’ll be on your day too ― helpful, approachable, unflappable, inventive, and friendly. I then post a couple

of sneak-peeks on social media, which you can share with family and friends; then 2-4 weeks later you’ll receive your full gallery online.


Usually 4-6 weeks before your day, I’ll send you my Final Details Form ― this is so I know the final timings of your day and any formals

(groups shots) that you might like. I then give it a scan over to check there are no issues that could cause problems either with the running of

the day or that could interfere with what I need to capture for you. This ensures I am ready and don’t have to worry about a thing on your day.

We then have the pre-wedding day meeting ― where we get to meet, or Skype again if necessary ― this being important, as it is part of a

relationship building between us ― the more you know me, the more relaxed on the day you’ll be, and the more natural the photos will be.


Then it’s your wedding day ― and your time to enjoy all you’ve planned, and of course ― eat, drink, and have fun; and I shall do my thing, and capture it all for you.


You then jet, drive, or paddle off on your honeymoon / mini-moon / family-moon (yes, it is a thing); and while you newlyweds do that, I’ll share a

couple of sneak-peeks of your day on my social media pages ― any one of which will be available for thank-you cards you may be sending out.

Your wedding day photo collection will then usually be available within 8 weeks of your day, depending upon the package and the time of year.


Finally ― expect an email in your inbox with all info you’ll need to access and download your photos ― including your pre-wedding shoot images (if having one) as

well. It’s an amazing moment ― where you’ll relive the day, seeing forgotten moments and plenty you did not even see; and that is almost our journey end. You will

(of course) leave me a glowing review; and I love to hear from my couples, so keep in touch. Let me know what you’re up to and if you produce or extend your family.

This isn’t limited to children ― dogs, cats and horses are included (spiders aren’t), and I’ll be ready with a camera if you want some photos of all of you too.



“A photographer must possess and retain the receptive faculties of a child who watches the world for the first time.” ― Bill Brandt

E N Q U I R E  ►

Included in my Wedding Collection is the guidance and

support of an experienced and professional wedding

photographer, who is fully insured, who edits completely

in-house in my signature style, and enjoys capturing your

day as it unfolds in a natural, relaxed and unobtrusive way.

I N C L U D E D  



Bride or Groom pre-wedding preparation ― hair, makeup, bubbly

Your wedding day transportation, your ceremony, confetti and group shots

Natural and relaxed newlywed couple portraiture and guest mingling photos

Your reception ― including your decorations and you being announced in

The speeches ― including the laughter, the tears, and any awkward cringing too!

Evening guests and celebrations, fireworks, entertainers, and your cake cutting

Your first dance, plus the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the…

…dance floor moves of you, your families and friends

―  C O V E R S

usually within 8 weeks

―  D E L I V E R Y

£ 1300

I N V E S T M E N T  

* Number of images can vary depending upon a day